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Exhibit Design


          Dan is an accomplished designer of environments and exhibits for 30 years. Dan's early days included designing and building custom cabinetry and finish millwork. As a self-taught 3D Artist, Dan began designing environments and creating 3D and 2D digital art for in-game cinematics and pre-rendered environments for Playstation console games back in the 1990's. Later on, Dan turned his focus into entering the film industry. Working as a Lighting Technical Director at Rhythm & Hues Studios, Dan worked on lighting and rendering scenes for feature films such as 'The Sixth Day', 'Planet Of The Apes', 'Cats & Dogs'. 'Scooby-Doo' and 'Dr. Dolittle 2'. Continuing his path as a CG Professional, Dan entered the Tradeshow and Events industry as a Sr. Designer and Creative Services Manager. For 18 years, Dan has designed numerous tradeshow exhibit Display Designs including specializing in themed booth design for gaming shows in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dan has designed and rendered numerous visualizations for Brand Activation Events, Retail, Corporate Summits and Museums. 

Highlighted Skills:
• Creates compelling 3d and 2d rendered design concepts.
• Focused on aligning with the brand, style, and sensibility of a project.
• Provides multiple presentation options.
• Experience working through complex RFP requirements.
• Problem-solving and diplomatic skills.
• Engages, assists, and communicates effectively with client, vendor, and end-user internal teams.
• Experience with short-term deadlines and long-term project deliverable milestones.

Work Experience:


Experience Designer


2022 - Present 

• Design and 3D rendering of tradeshow exhibits.

Freelance Concept Design and Visualization.
2014 - 2022
• Remote Design and Visualization services. Exhibits, Activations, Themed environments, Corporate Summits, Showrooms and Retail. 30 years designing and rendering environments, exhibits, activations, showrooms, and retail.

Creative Services Manager, Sr. Exhibit Designer, 3D Illustrator
Freddie Georges Production Group | Staff Designer
June 2007 - November 2013
• Designed and Illustrated concepts for 400 plus project proposals of tradeshow floor exhibits, private meeting rooms, permanent installations, outdoor promotional events, private parties, and product driven promotional events. Assisted upper management and Account Executives by providing design directive, project scheduling and project turnover requirements to members of the design department staff and offsite freelance designers. Designed projects for the following tradeshows: E3, PAX East, PAX Prime, The Cable Show, Magic, ComiCon, ComiCon NY, BlizzCon, CES, SEMA, GDC, NAMM, WCG, Gamestop, Gamespot, SHOT Show, HIMS, GamesCom, RSA, ASMBS, Licensing Expo, Licensing Expo-Europe, HITEC.


Exhibit Designer, 3D Illustrator | Premier Displays and Exhibits | Staff Designer
February 2004 - May 2007
• Designed and illustrated concepts for 100 plus project proposals of tradeshow exhibits, private meeting rooms and permanent installations. Designed projects for the following tradeshows: E3, WSA, The Cable Show, ComiCon, MAGIC, SIA, PGA and more.


3D Artist | Holga Inc. / Hon Corporation | Freelance
September 1993 - June 2002
• Freelance 3D Modeling and Rendering of Office environments with Furniture Manufactured by Holga/Hon Corporation for Product Brochures and various marketing materials.

3D Game Artist, Animator | Square USA (Square Enix) | Staff Artist
October 1996 - May 1999
• 3D Modeling, Rendering and animation of numerous pre-rendered game environments and cinematics for the following titles: 'Parasite Eve', 'Chocobo 2'.

Game Cinematic Artist |Sony Computer Entertainment, Presto Studios, Equinoxe | Freelance
May 1999 - November 2003
• ‘Myst 3 Exile’
• 'NCAA Final Four 2004'
• 'NFL GameDay 2004'
• 'Jet Li 2003'
• ‘Rise To Honor’
• ‘Fear Effect’
• ‘Need For Speed 5’
• ‘Loose Cannon’


VFX Lighting Technical Director | Rhythm and Hues Studios | Freelance
June 2000 - March 2002
• Lighting, compositing and extensive texture painting of CG elements into live action for the following feature films:
• ‘The Sixth Day’ Finals: 3 scenes
• 'Dr. Dolittle 2’ Finals: 11 scenes
• ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Finals: 3 scenes
• ‘Cats & Dogs’ Finals: 1 scene
• ‘Scooby Doo’ Finals: 7 scenes
• TV Commercial for Motorola
• Software used: Maya, Photoshop, Rhythm and Hues proprietary lighting, rendering and compositing software. Amazon Paint on SGI platform


Cabinetmaker/Finish Carpenter
1985 - 1993
• For 8 years Dan worked on numerous interior custom cabinet and millwork projects in the Los Angeles area. Including custom fabricated home theater rooms, custom furniture, and large custom home interior finish millwork installations.


Software Currently Using:
• Adobe
• 3ds Max
• Unreal Engine
• Vray
• AutoCAD
• MS Office

University of California, Los Angeles
1993 – 1996
• School of Interior and Environmental Design.

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