Dan is an accomplished designer of environments and exhibits for 30 years. Dan's early days included designing and building custom cabinetry and finish millwork. As a self-taught 3D Artist, Dan began designing environments and creating 3D and 2D digital art for in-game cinematics and pre-rendered environments for Playstation console games back in the 1990's. Later on, Dan turned his focus into entering the film industry. Working as a Lighting Technical Director at Rhythm & Hues Studios, Dan worked on lighting and rendering scenes for feature films such as 'The Sixth Day', 'Planet Of The Apes', 'Cats & Dogs'. 'Scooby-Doo' and 'Dr. Dolittle 2'. Continuing his path as a CG Professional, Dan entered the Tradeshow and Events industry as a Sr. Designer and Creative Services Manager. For 17 years, Dan has designed numerous tradeshow exhibit Display Designs including specializing in themed booth design for gaming shows in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dan has designed and rendered numerous visualizations for Brand Activation Events, Retail, Corporate Summits and Museums. 


"Dan has been a reliable partner to our organization producing detailed 3D designs from design through implementation. He is extremely detailed, creative, and a true pro. We are very happy to include Dan in our design projects as he consistently has great ideas to add into the mix".

Richard Vargas, President at Pello Events

"Dan has become a continued go-to for our company's visualizing and ideation needs. Excellent resource for fleshing out ideas and being an active thinker in concepting out engaging guest experiences, in addition to producing marketable, presentation-ready artwork".

Evan Seccombe, Show Set Designer at Universal Parks and Resorts

"Dan's experience with 3D Max helped greatly while working with The Hettema Group on a theme park design. He was creative, very easy to work with and very efficient with his time".

Sid Bingham, Sid Bingham Design Inc., The Walt Disney Company

"Dan is an exceptional 3D illustrator. His design renderings are of the highest quality. Dan's renderings include great detail and are often mistaken for exhibit photography. Dan takes on projects with full dedication and consistently delivers on time. He is one of my top go to designers".

Jean Powell, Director of Project Management at 60 Grit Studios

"Great ability to create visualizations that accurately depict the proposed event. Great tool for clients to see what it will look like and make creative changes".

Chris Lambert, Senior Project Designer, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

"Working with Dan continues to be a great experience. He's a solid guy who is dependable, talented, and has the knowledge-base and experience needed to produce successful results. He's even-tempered, patient, committed to the work and to ensuring a productive collaboration. I look forward to working with him again - highly recommended! "

Michael Fargnoli, Marketing Strategist at Brodey Francis

"The quality of work Dan produces is second to none. I’ve had the privilege of working with Dan and not only he is an exceptionally talented designer, he is also an incredible human. Constantly growing, expanding his talents and perfecting his crafts. Time and time again, he goes above and beyond our requests to accommodate and ensure the designs he provides is nothing but the best. Not only are his designs high quality, he fits in seamlessly with our internal team, provides insightful resolutions on our client review calls and more importantly always takes his time to thoroughly educate himself on the brand he is working on. Dan’s attention to detail and many years of experience in the tradeshow/events industry has helped us win most every design proposal that we’ve assigned to him. Truly a pleasure to work with."

Felicia Lopes, Owner, Reaction Space